Eedu Gold Yehe – Not at all Gold


Bangarraju (Sunil) brings bad luck with him wherever he goes. His life changes one day when he realizes a doppelganger is on the prowl robbing people. How he faces that another person who brings all troubles to him and what happens, in the end, is what the film is all about.

Actor’s performances:
Sunil once again gets a film where his innocent act can be freshly presented. He plays the Bangarraju character with his usual sincerity and conviction. The problem comes when he has to go the other end of the spectrum with Sunil Varma character. It doesn’t come naturally to him and it looks like he is trying too hard.
Sushma Raj and Richa Panai are presented very glamorously but they have nothing else to do in terms of acting. Jayasudha is wasted big time. Puneet Issar overacts. Naresh is usual self. Prudhvi is funny and so is Vennela Kishore in brief roles. Posani Krishna Murali is wasted. Others have very poorly written roles to be even remembered.

Directorial Dept Veeru Potla has not become a big director but he has shown enough promise in the past to warrant a genuine interest in his films. Not all his films are the perfect entertainers but they have a high level of entertainment for sure with all the contrivance in place. In Eedu Gold Ehe, unfortunately, he makes his poorest film yet. The biggest problem with the film is the screenplay which lacks clarity. Also, there is a huge tonal conflict with the director trying to make a thriller and an entertaining movie in the typical sense at the same time. In short, the Sunil sort of cinema that relies on comedy punches. Veeru Potla’s effort to make thriller incorporating that brand of humor backfires.
The film doesn’t make sense in the first half but when we reach the end it sure does have its moments. One is reminded of the director’s earlier film Ragada, in that aspect. Too many twists come in a succession with many of them being predictable. This is another failure of the film. Overall weak writing, muddled screenplay, poor characterizations make the film unbearable to sit through.
Given the twists the film had during the second half, it would have done the world of good for the film if it was made as a con caper in the truest sense. Rating: 2/5