Hawaii Officials Encourage Travelers To Visit, Despite Volcano Eruption


Recently, there have been warnings that Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano could shoot boulders and ash out of its summit crater which is inducing people to rethink their plans to visit the Big Island.

However, the rest of the island is free from volcanic hazards, and the local tourism officials are hoping travelers will recognize that the Big Island is ready to welcome them.

Reports stated that a tourist named Rachel Smigelski-Theiss who was supposed to visit Kileau’s summit with her husband and five-year-old daughter had to cancel her trip due to ongoing volcanic disruptions.
The officials in Hawaii have had a tough time pleading with travelers to keep their plans, even as dramatic images of natural disasters afflicting the islands have bombarded the television and social media feeds.

In April, it was the floods of Kauai Island that made the travelers nervous and now there’s the Kileau volcano sending 2,200-degree lava bursting through cracks into people’s backyards in the Leilani Estates neighborhood.

Ever since the quake, there have been frequent aftershocks. More than a dozen fissures oozing lava have opened in the ground. Adding to that, around 36 structures were destroyed and 26 homes blazed.